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Asbjorn Lonvig
Né pour être un artiste, Asbjorn Lonvig est né, sans le moindredoute, pour faire impression et compter dans le monde de l'art ! Asbjorn Lonvig est dingue de peinture depuis les bancs de l'école bien qu'il ait emprunté plus tard une voie complètement différente, voire éloignée, de l'art : le Développement Informatique. Comme une personne douée est d...
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Asbjorn Lonvig
Born to be an artist, without any doubt Asbjorn Lonvig was born to impress and make art! Since his school years Asbjorn Lonving has been crazy about Art but in fact he has chosen completely different and far from Art, way in life - IT developing. Talented person is talented in everything, so step by step he achieved successes, even started his own ...
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Ukrainian Painter Masters the Art of Optical Illusion: Two Paintings in One
Ukrainian Painter Masters the Art of Optical Illusion: Two Paintings in One Optical illusion is one of the most fascinating art styles. It gives you an opportunity to see in a painting what your imagination what to. It is not a painting of an *one look* they deserve to be carefully observed only this way is possible to understand a mystery of a pai...
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Stained Glass Art Design by Toni Rose
“Art is essentially the affirmation, the blessing, and the deification of existence.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche Art is versatile and every its style is unique way of artistic thinking. Impossible not to admire Stained Glass Art Design by Toni Rose. All his artworks are worth a thousand words. Delicate, bright and extremely beautiful. Just imagine a ref...
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Rob Pruitt’s Smiley Faces Will Make You Cry
Rob Pruitt’s Smiley Faces Will Make You Cry The bittersweet backstory of the happy faces at de la Cruz collection “Without art, the crudeness of reality would make the world unbearable.” ― George Bernard Shaw Art is like a cure from pain, not physical pain of cause, but mental! The pain of loss makes us suffer and we desperately want to get rid of ...
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Art from Around the World at Agora Gallery
Alan Mantle-Chevelure Through the artwork of Sensorial Realms the audience is reminded of the unending power of curiosity to illuminate aspects of both ourselves and our lives. The creations resonate on a visual, mental and emotional level, touching the audience in multiple and manifold ways. The artists whose works appear in Pathway to Abstraction...
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“ It is hard work and great art to make life not so serious.” ― John Irving Everyone has adesire to get rid of every day burden, we are tired and waiting for a miracle. Yelena Dyumin is an extraordinary painter. Her artworks strikes with uniqueness and beauty. Visit Yelena Dyumin’s online art gallery on You have a great opportunity to ...
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Kute Fine Art Blog
Pet and Family Portraits by UK based artist Clare Walton
[Misc] - [Thursday 26th, January 2012]

Art Magazine-Eyes In
Eyes In Magazine, World's Innovative Creators and Their Masterpieces
[Misc] - [Thursday 26th, January 2012]

Online art gallery paintings.
Painting realism butter. Artistic workshop. Gallery of ARTGALLERY
[Misc] - [Thursday 14th, July 2011]

Jeans Blossoming bunka
p align="center" img align="center" img src="/ public_html/ images/ JInvoiceLogoC.gif" width="518" height="132" alt="JInvoiceLogo" / p Direction: Bunka Shishu, Tokyo Bunka kits, Matsuhato Kits, Stitching, which stitch to use and problems with bunka solved, threads, needles, and yarn. META NAME="KEYWORDS" CONTENT=" handmade gifts, which stitch,stitches,...
[Misc] - [Friday 10th, June 2011]

ART-WorkS Ukrainy.
An exhibition of paintings
[Misc] - [Wednesday 8th, June 2011]

Realistic Oil Paintings Artist.
Art gallery of Sergey Puzirchenko. Painter Ukraine painting, drawing. Exhibition of pictures.Portrait, still-life, landscape.
[Misc] - [Tuesday 7th, June 2011]

Auteur galerie
77ui.jpg SITE
[Misc] - [Tuesday 7th, June 2011]

JoAnn Bosowski Fine Art
Bosowski Fine Art Studio and Gallery
[Misc] - [Monday 31st, January 2011]

DASSAN PECK (Miko Agopian)
A Collection of Contemporary Oil Paintings by Miko Agopian. I Love the Mediterranean Sea. The beauty of the Mediterranean coast marvels me a lot and it is a great source of inspiration for me. Memories, activities and sceneries of my childhood in Beirut, the beauty of Marseilles and the Provence region of France inspire me a lot. I love the Provenc...
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A Site dedicated to finding affordable artworks from leading art stores, galleries and independent artists from around the world.
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Wedding Photography London
London based Contemporary Wedding Photographers, Freeman Photographics, will photograph you looking absolutely gorgeous with their signature style of photography –creative, stylish and sophisticated. London based Contemporary Wedding Photographers, F...
[Misc] - [Tuesday 10th, November 2009]

Yevheniy Sarana
Site about painter Yevheniy Sarana , creator of new way in art - ingneism. Universe in art, painting, drawing, sculpture.Site about painter Yevheniy Sarana , creator of new way in art - ingneism. Universe in art, painting, drawing, sculpture.
[Misc] - [Friday 11th, September 2009]
GRAND OPENING Dear Designer,   As professional artists for over 30 years, we would like to introduce ourselves. Brent and Rose Litsey.    We now have over three hundred new works of art, which includes original paintings, monotype prints, stained gla...
[Brent Litsey] - [Art Announcement] - [Wednesday 1st, April 2009]

Paintings by Nkolika Anyabolu (MD)
A collection of paintings by a Medical doctor with a passion for the fine arts. Her art includes Abstracts, Landscapes, Contemporary and Wildlife. PR: wait.. I: wait.. L: wait.. LD: wait.. I: wait.. wait.. Rank: wait.. Traffic: wait.. Price: wait.. C...
[Misc] - [Friday 17th, July 2009]

Essence Design Studio Graphic Website Design Delhi India
Essence Design Studio graphic website design firm New Delhi India is a professionally run graphic website design firm comprising of a pool of professionals who deliver quality work. All of our services add value to your company through highly persona...
[Misc] - [Saturday 4th, July 2009]

Pet dog, cat, family and child portrait paintings by portraits artist josep...
Portrait paintings created from your favorite photos.Portrait paintings created from your favorite photos.
[Misc] - [Wednesday 27th, May 2009]

Diamond M Arabians
The main activity at the ranch is our horse program. We breed quality Arabian horses for beauty, disposition and athletic ability. Our Arabians come from top quality bloodlines. Our goal is to produce quality halter and performance horses with good d...
[Misc] - [Wednesday 15th, April 2009]

Arcadia Art Studio
Watercolors and acrylics by Northern Virginia artist Michele Frantz. This award-winning artist specializes in local Virginia landscapes, but her work includes the Maine seacoast, humble still lifes, and common backyard sights such as songbirds and sp...
[Misc] - [Monday 9th, March 2009]

Artist Jury Inushkin
Art gallery of professional artist J ury Inushkin . On this pages you can familiarize with creativity of the artist. The page "Subject’s compositions" contains the works of different years executed in techniques of painting and schedules. The page "P...
[Misc] - [Monday 9th, February 2009]

Yevgeniy Sarana
Yevheniy Sarana founder of new way in art - INGNEISM. You can see a lot of art on space theme, that you never seen before . A beautiful space, Universe, space landscapes. Articles about our Univers and space. Yevheniy Sarana founder of new way in art...
[Misc] - [Thursday 1st, January 2009]

All Gone to the Birds
We carry a large variety of quality Garden Decor and Gifts for every style and budget, From Frogs to Fountains we have it all, Our items also make perfect gifts for those hard to buy for people on your list. We carry a large variety of quality Garden...
[Misc] - [Tuesday 16th, December 2008]

Mobytoons is a mobile entertainment website and 3D animation community. It's also an every-artist den slash digital art forum created by Mind Tap Studios, an animation studio specializing in 3D-modeled content. We create funny 3D animated shorts. We ...
[Misc] - [Monday 15th, December 2008]

Stone and Spirit: Unique handcrafted jewelry inspired by ancient cultures
Unique artisan-designed gemstone, metal and glass beaded jewelry, inspired by ancient and medieval artifacts. Necklaces, earrings and bracelets featuring Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Greek, Roman, Celtic and Viking designs. Unique artisan-designed gemston...
[Misc] - [Thursday 11th, December 2008]

ART Affordable art
Abstract art and more Affordable art Abstract art and more Affordable art
[Misc] - [Monday 24th, November 2008]

Artist - Hamlett Art
Amazing abstract pictures created from liquids and photographed. A DVD of moving liquids with soundtrack. Photography and sculpture.Amazing abstract pictures created from liquids and photographed. A DVD of moving liquids with soundtrack. Photography ...
[Misc] - [Saturday 8th, November 2008]

MeridiArte - Italian Fine Art
MeridiArte - Italian Fine Art showing cityscape oil paintings carried out by Italian painters , in particular, samples of cityscape paintings belonging to the most important Italian and European cities of art. MeridiArte - Italian Fine Art showing ci...
[Misc] - [Tuesday 4th, November 2008]

La Boutique du Peintre Aymeric NOA / Painter Aymeric NOA's Store
    (Site with French and English language) Idées décoration, idées cadeaux, pour amateurs d' art. Fonds d'écran gratuits. Les oeuvres de l' artiste peintre néo-figuratif symboliste Aymeric NOA sont déclinées en  posters au design original, agendas i...
[Misc] - [Wednesday 8th, October 2008]

Richard Barber's Fine Art
The site covers the following subjects painted in a realstic style, Figurative, Figurative nude, landscape, seascape, surrealism,and fantasy, still life, animals and people portraits The site covers the following subjects painted in a realstic style,...
[Misc] - [Friday 12th, September 2008]

Amazing Art Gallery of Richard J. Finnell art/ RJFinnell/
Selected works of Art by Richard J. Finnell Selected works of Art by Richard J. Finnell
[Misc] - [Tuesday 2nd, September 2008]

Our Rural Heritage: The Art of Conrad Mieschke
Title: Our Rural Heritage The Art of Conrad Mieschke.   Description: Nostalgia for the past: Over 120 high–realist landscape and portrait paintings in Watercolor, Egg-Tempera or Acrylic of southern Ontario , Canada .   URL:
[Misc] - [Sunday 24th, August 2008]

Bietlot ART Site
I find the way of the lyric abstraction. From music to abstract painting. Each one of my work is closely related to a musical composition. I hear the music and transcribe on the canvas an inner resonance by using the universal correspondences between...
[Misc] - [Wednesday 30th, July 2008]

Nature in Art - Larmer Tree Studio
Susan Shimeld - Wildlife  and Pet Portrait Artist. Wildlife Art, Fine Art Prints and Greetings Cards direct from Wildlife Artist Susan Shimeld, Larmer Tree Studio. Realistic Wildlife Art and Nature Paintings, Animals, Birds, Pets, Portraits.  Nature ...
[Misc] - [Wednesday 23rd, July 2008]

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